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The Pornhub video portrays a young woman having sex with a man, who is filming the action, in the aisles of the Ocean Park.

“I am talking about shutting a multi-million dollar company down who is profiting off of the rape, sex trafficking.


Laila has been fighting sex trafficking for over a decade.

Another egregious instance was reported on by the BBC, where a.


Change.Org petition to close the website over sex trafficking and child rape fears has received 300,000 signatures. Women.

Mikaela had previously posted videos to PornHub under the stage name "Sugar Star" but took them down temporarily as she is.

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Pornhub video showing tourists having VERY public sex at sacred temple in Burma sparks outrage – A SHAMELESS couple have caused outrage in Burma after uploading footage to Pornhub of themselves having sex in.


In the 12-minute video, the couple is seen having sex outdoors. When the camera pans, the pagodas in Bagan can be seen. The.

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The petition, started by nonprofit group Exodus Cry, aims to eliminate Pornhub, which it calls a “super-predator site.”.