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Police arrested five men who regularly lured women online and sexually assaulted them, secretly filming and blackmailing them.

New Delhi, Dec 27 : Indian women prefer older men aged between 30-40 as partners for extra marital affairs.

On Gleeden, overall, 12 per cent of subscribers are married people looking for an.

This Mumbai man created fake FB profiles of women and offered nude webcam sessions for Rs 1000 – Mumbai: A man was arrested earlier this week for allegedly creating fake profiles on Facebook women offering webcam sex.


Universiade gold in women’s 100m dash, Dutee also became the first Indian sportsperson to openly admit a same-sex.

Taking the stand earlier in the trial, the British woman said that while she was having sex with her boyfriend, she was.

Hindi Short Film on Girl who like Girl - Blured Lines  BFF  Short FilmIn pursuit of gender equality – Another observation peculiar to India is the paradox of a decreasing Child Sex Ratio (CSR) or the ratio of girls to boys.

Unapologetic about her same-sex relationship with a younger relative, India’s fastest woman Dutee Chand is facing a tough.

In a previous essay, I have noted how the protagonists of Hindi films set in the Independence struggle and Partition.

Sex Video V Raised by same-sex parents, this working mother plays a big role in normalisation of rainbow families. As Jamia Millia. Footage of a groom playing a video of his bride apparently cheating with her brother-in-law has gone viral in China. The