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The heartwarming story of a young, mute, Pakistani girl who is left stranded in India and a dim-witted Hindu Brahmin.


In compiling year-ender lists, critics often find it hard to answer the near-abstract question — ‘So, how was this year at.

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The decade of the unholy ‘godman’ – Then this November, the world’s leading streaming platform decided to tell another grizzly story — Bikram: Yogi, Guru,

When Mahaveer Phogat (Aamir Khan) describes the scoring system involved in competitive wrestling to his girls Geeta and Babita, who are about to make a switch.

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Calendar Girls fame Ruhi.

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Here are some of the best women-centric Malayalam movies.

dozen Indian nurses who were held in captivity by militants in.

Two trends are clear, the Indian urban middle-class youth, is out there.

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